Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mixing up the tunes to share with all...

We all like to play the disc jockey. Arranging our tunes to play in just the right order. Burning them to CDs or, back in the day, making a 'mix tape' to share with our friends. A cassette tape featuring our perfect mix of songs and arrangements of them in one playlist.

Well now comes mixwit dot com, a site that uses that visual metaphor of a cassette tape to let you create your own mix tapes.

Mixwit uses two music search sites to find mp3 files to add to your 'mix tape'. It creates a playlist of songs from all over the web that are sorted and maintained in any order you choose. You can then share that mix tape URL with anyone you like. Or you can simply use it for your own playlists, as I have just began to do.

You can also search for playlists of others that might contain songs, artists, or genre you like. Those mix tapes can then be saved as 'favorites' by you.

Check it out. A new experience for me at least.


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