Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nine on the Ninth__April


Nine on the ninth . . .just a few days late.

Lets get started..!!

Bottles of wine, on the shelf, waiting to be drank... Yes, I have told the wifey they should probably be on their sides, ..no..??


Chocolate Easter eggs in the bag. Family and friends got rid of most of the 'junk food' that day and the rest went to workplaces to be shared the next day. Certainly do not need it in the house..!!


Three shots follow of a spider found in our basement. He was dropping on a thread from the rafter. But about a foot from the floor he began a long climb back up. Not sure what the white stuff he is carrying with him is. I assume it is the 'silk' that he was stringing out, dropping on, and then climbing back up.

The last shot is of him 'resting' on the rafter after climbing back up.

The middle shot is probably the best 'real life colors' pic of him.

Spiders creep me out ...yet fascinate me at the same time.


My favorite t-shirt. An old softball fundraiser shirt bought from a team in Georgia, as I remember. Baggy, full of holes, a worn-out rag my wife threatens to throw away every time it is in the laundry.

She would not do that to my favorite shirt . . .would she..?!?


Springtime cometh..!! Perennials (irises..??) ..sprout along the fenceline of our property...


I just love the colors of this one. Have no idea what the plant is, but it looks great with the blue pots.


One more reminder that time stops for no one. As evidenced by the slight blur of the pendulum as it swings back and forth, back and forth, back and ....


Anyway. That is it. Nine for the ninth ...late in the evening of the 14th. Better than last month ... and not bad considering my daughter had our camera (for some reason) for too long the past month.

Until next month..!!


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