Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dad Hits a Home Run...

Any baseball fan knows catching that ephemeral foul ball is the crowning moment of any baseball game. Well, other than that bottom of the ninth game-winning comeback. It is rather silly to attach so much value to a simple foul ball; but it does make you a part of the onfield struggle if only for that brief moment.

Now imagine catching that elusive foul ball, highfiving with the fans around you, handing the ball to your daughter as a special souvenir . . .and seeing her toss it back toward the field. Arrgggghhhhhhhh..!!

Just that scenario played out for a dad at a Philadelphia Phillies game overnight. But instead of being upset about it or standing dumbfounded with the realization of what his young 3-y/o daughter had just done . . .instead he reacts immediately to her questioning look -- 'What did I do wrong..?!?' -- as the fans around her gasped. Dad immediately envelopes her in the biggest and bestest daddy-hug ever. Letting her know that nothing was wrong and he loved her soooo much.

That my friends is what sports and baseball and family and dads and daughters are all about. It dont get better than that.

See the video here, on a local Phillie-area newscast clip. (And do note the video has already been ripped down from "due to a copyright claim by [ the cold-hearted thugs of ] MLB Advanced Media." Sorry, a little editorializing there...)

Very nicely done Dad.



Taking Heart said...

Reminds me of my three year old daughter a few weeks ago... my husband wanted to leave her with me while he & Middling went to flag football practice. I thought it was too chilly and I needed to get ready for work. She completly flipped out, and hung on to her Daddy around the neck so hard that he couldn't leave without her if he tried. I told him that she had swiftly become the "coach's daughter".
So there she went, whistle around her neck... ready to boss some big boys around. It was a battle my husband was not yet willing to fight.
Gotta love it.

Taking Heart said...

Wasn't sure if you check back, so I'm responding to your comment here.

Oh, Tom. I have no idea whether or not I titled that post correctly... and that is a wondeful thing, that my brain is so fried... because that means that the grammatically correct copy editor that I used to be is fading! I hated that job... makes me critique everything. Thus, why I intentionally blog as a conversationalist and not a news reporter.

I don't imagine you would get the raging hormones of a gestational woman... that is not a bad thing either my friend. Something you should thank the good Lord you do not have to experience.

Glad, as always that you stopped by... and that you still share my overuse of "..." (maybe now you understand a bit more of why I do)