Saturday, March 20, 2010

My desktop, March 20, 2010...


It has been a while since I shared a desktop view. Not that I imagine my reader or three are continually checking for the next one. My hit counter would certainly not indicate they are.

This one continues my theme of 'space' pictures. Is there really anything more beautiful, challenging, or exciting than the idea of exploring and living in space..?? Not for me.

This selection is from APOD, posted February 16, 2010:

What's that approaching? Astronauts on board the International Space Station first saw it far in the distance. Soon it enlarged to become a dark silhouette. As it came even closer, the silhouette appeared to be a spaceship. Finally, at just past 11 pm (CST) last Tuesday, the object, revealed to be the Space Shuttle Endeavour, docked as expected with the Earth-orbiting space station. Pictured above, Endeavour was imaged near Earth's horizon as it approached, where several layers of the Earth's atmosphere were visible. (continued at the APOD page.)

I think the idea of having something beautiful on one's desktop is a good idea. If it can not be my beautiful family . . .the beauty of space will be a close second choice.



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Holly said...

That's an awesome desktop! I could sit looking at that picture for ages!