Saturday, July 5, 2008

Filtering search results by color..?!?

OK, this is one of the weirder things I have happened upon while surfing the net. I know, given some of the weird and disturbing stuff out here . . .that is saying a lot.

But filtering search results by color..?? I mean, I can see that if you are looking for bath towels or dishes or paint of a particular color. But just random objects..?!?

Here is a Yahoo.Shopping search result page that I somehow landed on. Notice the block of color swatches at the left. You may have to scroll down just a wee bit.

This particular page is tagged at the top as:

Shopping > Home & Garden > All Home & Garden > Light Pink

Notice the various articles displayed there for the shopper: a pink toy box bench, a pink bean bag chair, pinks sheets, pink security blanket, pink muffin pan, pink toaster..?!?

Clicking on the different color boxes brings up a new set of products, all with that color in common.

Well, I suppose if you are nuts about a particular color and want to pimp your pad out in that color ...I suppose that 'color search' function might be useful.

You can 'click back' on the URL string at the top at keep the color option visible. But I could not figure out how to 'call it' from the main Yahoo:Shopping page.

Anyway . . .I thought it was very, what did I call it earlier..? ...I thought it very weird.

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