Sunday, December 14, 2008

A beautiful life too short...


She was a bright star a bit before my time. But from my first viewing of Some Like It Hot I was hooked.

image circa 1953

Sure some of it was the hormones of a teenage male. But I also like to think my addiction was due to the sheer innocence and vulnerability of both the film character and of the beautiful Marilyn.

No one did comedy and 'sexy' on the silver screen any better. Not a dirty, wink-wink, nudge-nudge 'sexy'. But 'sexy' that was pure and feminine and wholesome and devastating.

These pictures are from 1947, near the beginning of her career. She had a bit (and uncredited) part in The Shocking Miss Pilgrim and did nothing of consequence for several more years.

These pictures are a stunning 'time-capsule' look at a young lady yet untouched by the expectations of others and the many troubles of her later years.

We can only imagine what might have been had her personal devils and the expectations and demands of other not consumed her spirit and body.

All the photos featured here are found at shorpy dot com. They define their site as:

... a vintage photography blog featuring thousands of high-definition images from the 1850s to 1950s. The site is named after Shorpy Higginbotham, a teenage coal miner who lived 100 years ago.

It truly is an amazing site that will bring something new to you every day. You can not expect more from any website.



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