Saturday, February 21, 2009

' Say what..?!? ' Number 2


I have previously talked about 'unique phrases' I have found online. My September 2008 post listed just a few.

Since then I have been trying to note and 'save' others that I have found.

What defines a 'unique phrase'..?? Well, it has to be at least two words. A one word phrase makes no sense, right..?? These unique phrases also have to be made up of real words, though I will stretch the definition for a word or phrase that still would be recognizable for most readers.

With more and more bloggers every day . . .I am sure more and more unique phrases will continue to be created and shared across the web

So again, as I stated in my earlier post two word 'unique' phrases earn a gold medal, three words a silver, and four word unique phrases draw a bronze medal.

See, that is all kinda cool. Come along with me. Lets see what shiny baubles we have found this time.

Unique phrases I have crafted or discovered:

One result found for "steeped in heartaches"
The writer is describing a young Otis Redding and the sound of his youthful voice: And he sounded very experienced, steeped in heartaches despite that young age. A beautiful phrase to my ears.

Three results found for "bring the grump"
From a personal e-mail exchange. I had noted that I was already 'bothered' by the actions of a third party and thus probably 'brought a grumpy disposition' to the next stupid thing they had said/did. The uses Google found seem to refer to particular individuals or characters rather than an attitude. So a unique thought with several thinly-related web uses.

Two results found for "Seussian season"
One by a writer on Epinions dot com, a consumer reviews site. Commenting on reading a Dr. Seuss book, the writer said: "In fact, you could say it was the beginning of a long Seussian season at our house." when her daughter fell "hook, line and sinker" in love with the book. Another beautiful, unique phrase.

One result found for "ghetto days of dial-up"
A thought by Alison Stewart, Click Chick at while describing her cell phone connection to the Internet while using GPRS (say what..?!?). A truly unique 'ghetto' phrase.

Anyway, just the latest update on my little web reading-n-writing obsession. Looking forward to sharing more once again on down the road.

Hey, if you have any examples of your own please share them in a comment..!!



Miss Outlier said...

The phrase which always has stuck in my mind is "spherical bastard." Off-color, yes, but two words, memorable and funny - that is, a bastard no matter how you look at them.

I read it first on Cosmic Variance ( Sorry, don't know how to do the link.

Google turns up 349 hits for that phrase, but the first couple pages of results all refer back to that astronomer as having said it, so I'm not sure if that counts in your uniqueness scale.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked "pleasantly demented." A very brief way to describe what many Alzheimer's patients are like during the early parts of the middle stages of their unfortunate and progressive disease.