Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Treasure is fun..!!


I think every kid who has ever read Treasure Island or Robinson Crusoe has dreamed of one day sailing the high seas, plundering ships, taking treasure, and never going to bed until they wanted to...

Then we grow up and find our spot in the grown-up world. Which usually does not involve sailing, plundering, and other pirate-y stuff.

But even today we can be taken back to those days by news of old shipwrecks newly discovered and gold coins and storms at sea and brave men long gone.

I first learned of Odyssey Marine Exploration several years ago when they made the news for discovering the sunken wreck/remains of the SS Republic off the coast of Georgia. Bound for New Orleans from New York, she carried 80 passengers and crewmembers and a large supply of goods and money to help aid the rebuilding South after the American Civil War. After sinking in a storm in October 1865, the shipwreck was lost for over a century.

The site of the shipwreck was found in 2003, confirmed by discovery of the ship's bell and an archeological excavation of the site began late that year.

Since then the company has discovered several other shipwrecks around the world and at widely varying times in history.

Recently, the Odyssey company reported their discovery of the wreck of the HMS Victory which sank during a storm in the English Channel in 1744. She is reported to have carried nearly 4 tons of gold and other period artifacts.

Gawd, who can not begin to dream of sailing the high seas and treasure and adventure of grand scale when hearing stories like this..??

Anyway, check out the Odyssey Marine Exploration for tons of more information. Make sure you have your imagination turned on and your wanderlust tuned in.


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