Friday, January 30, 2009

Chocolate sadness...


I had intended to title this post 'Chocolate madness' ...but some times life changes your plans. Hopefully it will be the small things, like this, and not the more important things in your life that change for the bad.

A local radio station, WHO, 1040 AM, has hosted a 'chocolate breakfast' for some years now. Program director Van Harden and the AM 'drive-time' co-host Bonnie Lucas are known for finding new and unique events to invite listeners to attend and enjoy.

Skating parties, tours of local mines (yes, mines in central Iowa), outdoor skating parties, silly money give-aways, decorating a listener's home for Christmas and on and on.

My wife and I had attended these 'chocolate breakfast' events before. They are similar to a 'home show' or other large auditorium show you might have attended in the past. Local food businesses bring samples of their chocolate specialties and the attendees/listeners can come and sample a wide variety of chocolate treats during the broadcast of the radio show. They always draw big crowds to sample the chocolate confections and candies being given away. The lines were often long but the spirits of the patiently waiting crowds was always high.

This year they moved the event to a larger building with the promise of no waiting outside in line in the cold Iowa January pre-dawn morning. Well, that was true, much shorter waits outside but the larger inside space just made a larger space for the line of visitors to snake through the building. First through the outer foyer and then into the main exhibit hall as the line continued to grow.

My wife an I waited perhaps 35-40 minutes in the outer foyer area before passing into the larger hall and seeing the line continued to snake back and forth. My wife had to be at work in less than an hour and it seemed like there might be a wait of at least another 35-40 minutes in there before even getting to the areas where the food samples would be shared.

So we bailed out of line. Disappointed of course, missing the samples, the AM chocolate rush, the chance to try some new treats, takes some pictures to share... Big disappointment.

There are several suggestions I have for the organizers of the event next year. I hope they are willing to listen. I know we are not the only ones who left early, disappointed with the organization of the event. I am trying not to whine here and it helps to realize it was just a silly little throw-away moment in life.

Oh yeah, the one crappy picture I snapped on the way in:

Did not get a chance to take, or feel like taking, any more... And do not ask me what the crazy flare is . . .I am not in the mood right now.

Anyway . . .my beef of the day.


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