Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pimping APOD again...


I have it blogrolled there at the left, I make a point of checking it daily, and I pimp it out here all too often.

But I love the science, the beauty, the value of the photographs published daily at Astronomy Picture of the Day. This link is a bit clunky when you go there. But it dumps you on the main page for checking out the various offerings of the site, ranging from pics of the Cosmos, the Solar System, Space Technology, and more.

Most visitors access the site from the 'picture of the day' page. For instance, yesterday's image page:

This particular picture appears, at first, to not meet the usual high quality of the daily APOD pictures.

Until you stop to realize that it is a picture of the International Space Station taken from Earth..!! Indeed, the living blue of planet Earth is reflected from some of the panels on the Station.

APOD has several/many links in each day's picture text and you can soon find yourself wandering around website, forgetting what you had planned to do online just then.

Anyway . . .just another roll out of APOD by this blogger. I can guarantee you there will be more.


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