Sunday, June 7, 2009

' Say what..?!? ' Number 4


Previous 'say what' posts ... where I discuss and link various 'unique phrases' I have found while reading online.

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Time again for yet another entry in the 'unique phrase' series.

I have not been spending much time reading widely on the net recently. So most of my recent 'unique phrases' come from my participation at Epinions dot com.

To recap: what makes a 'unique phrase'..?? Well, it has to be at least two words. A one word phrase makes no sense, right..?? These unique phrases also have to be made up of real words, though I will stretch the definition for a word or phrase that still would be recognizable for most readers.

As I have stated earlier, there continue to be new or 'nearly new' phrases coined out here on the web every day ...or so it seems to the observant reader.

As I stated in my earlier post two word 'unique' phrases earn a gold medal, three words a silver, and four word unique phrases draw a bronze medal.

So once again, let's see what we have found recently.

Unique phrases I have crafted or discovered:

No results found for "true water whisperer"
"Which brings us to water’s ability to read. Firstly, not only is the good doctor a master scientist and a true water whisperer, he’s also clearly a wizard at the subtleties of language, able to divide it up into positive and negative with no trouble."

From a review of a book, the title of which I will not give the attention to note, that purports to be a scientific treatise on the 'memory' of water molecules. Yikes..!! What can pass for science these days..!!

No previous results found for "mediocre minutes and inspired moments"
"Though overall this is an enjoyable enough film, it's an odd mixture of mediocre minutes and inspired moments."

OK, OK. So I am going 'off label' with this one. But it is such a nice phrase I could not resist. I can always tell myself the article 'and' does not count...

From yet another Epinions review, this one of the film Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. Definitely one worth the read.

No results found for the phrase "bomb squad reply"
"By the way, nice 'bomb squad' reply there. Ya know, 'defusing' the moment..."

A comment at an Epinions review. This one was actually coined by me.

My thought was that the writer responding politely to a challenging comment, instead of arguing back at them, was similar to a bomb squad defusing a potential explosive device. But in this case, the situation was 'defused' by not arguing a point. Classy solution to a situation that happens all the time online.

Two results found for "chihuahua on sedatives"
"If The Terminator was a pitbull at the onset of the series, this movie is sort of like a chihuahua on sedatives."

As you might guess, a review of the latest Terminator film, Terminator Salvation. Obviously the writer had no love for action and thrills found in this latest Terminator film.

Once again, just the latest update on my little web reading-n-writing obsession. Looking forward to sharing more once again on down the road.

Hey, as always, if you have any examples of your own please share them in a comment..!!


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