Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nine on the ninth__June

OK, OK. I am trying to catch up. I may even get July's nine on the ninth done in the correct month. But first, to make short order of June's late entry...

Once again, in the tradition that is 'nine on the ninth' ...lets 'git 'r done'.

Prepping our son's old bedroom walls before repainting. We painted over old paneling years ago. Yeah, we hand-painted those stripes, the grooves in the paneling that was in place ...on two walls. Luckily the closet and built-in dresser (shown here) and the doorway took up much of the walls. I just remember it being a pain in the arse ...what were we thinking..?!?

A summer meal for friends and family: grilled bacon-wrapped steaks and stuffed jalapeno peppers, fruit salad, vegetable salad, pasta salad ...and, of course, a nice bottle of red wine. Yummy I remember anyway. (And I forget what was for dessert ...if anything.)

An interesting pattern of lines, curves, light and dark on a curtain strongly lit from behind by the setting sun. The color is slightly off ...but still interesting to me.

What is up with these larger 'puffy Cheetos' that are out there now..?? Why are the bags not marked to indicate they hold the larger size..??

By the way, the Cheetos dot com site is real slow loading for my DSL connection ...I finally gave up. Might be a good test of your connection speed.

Chopped onions and knife.

Interesting parallel lines in the center frame of a sliding glass window.

Two photos of 'stuff on the kitchen floor'. Hmmm, given the usual 'state' of our kitchen maybe I should make that a formal tag.

Top is a bag of spilled 'waffle pretzels'. What you get when you pull the bag out of the cupboard upside down ... with no clip in place. Yeah, my bad.

The other is a single frozen pea that fell on the floor. Once again, the patterns and colors caught my attention.

So there we have it, yet again. About a month late, but hey, it is about 'git 'r done', even if much later than planned.



Thinkerlady said...

Always a pleasure to catch up with you!!! The picture with the single pea is amazing.
I am getting back into the writing that I have more time.

Taking Heart said...

I've always loved photos of cheezy poofs... you should take drop a few in the snow and take a photo...

Okay... I get that I'm weird like that... lol...