Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zeus' thunderbolts

The Greek god Zeus is considered the king of all the gods. Zeus rules Mount Olympus and bears the thunderbolt as but one symbol of his power and glory.

When Mother Nature looses her thunderbolts on us I am always reminded of Zeus and the ancient Greek gods.

The pic above is from The Big Picture, a 'photo blog' found at, the website presence of The Boston Globe newspaper. Once again they excel at collecting and presenting a number of photographs capturing a single subject or topic.

This time they turn their attention to the force of nature we know as lightning. The results are stunning. You really need to take a look if you appreciate the beauty of nature, particularly as expressed by the beauty, power, and portent of terror found in lightning.


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Miss Outlier said...

I read The Big Picture as well - they always have stunning photos! This was a good one.