Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So when do you not comment..??

I am curious about what others might think about leaving a comment at any given blog post.

Is there a point when you just do not bother..?? 5 comments..?? 10..?? ...a hundred comments..??

Do you ever read through them, two or a hundred, to see if anyone has made your point already..?? Or do you even bother to read past the first few comments..??

If someone has made your point already . . do you add your thought anyway..?? Do you reference that 'similar' comment you already found in your comment..??

Too many questions, I know. Perhaps too much thinking about it.


I will often read the first screen or two of comments, particularly at a post about a topic that really interests me. Or a comment thread that has value in and of itself. I find that I really enjoy the threads where readers play off each other, amplifying this thought or that thought.

But too often they just seem to be a bunch of disconnected thoughts, some over and over again. Others totally off-topic and often moronic.

But not that I will ever have to worry about such problems. I am perfectly content for my rare comment and the smile it brings to my face.

Anyway, just some random questions and thoughts about comments.



Mark said...

For me, it depends most of how moved I am to comment and how big my ego is that particular day. :)

Michelle said...

Sometimes I just crash random blogs and comment on them. Like your blog. Very interesting. I am fascinated with your blog.