Friday, October 10, 2008

Feeling totally liberated...


My name is ...tom... and I am a blogaholic.

Not necessarily from the writing side, obviously, but from the reading side. Clicking here and there I am constantly clicking this RSS feed button and that RSS feed button. Feeding the insatiable appetite of my Google Reader beast.

Opening it just now I see I have nine folders created. Within those nine folders are 77 separate feeds.

How in the h3ll did I wind up with 77 feeds..?!?

Hey, they are all free I guess.

Anyway, after having not been online for several days, or at least into my reader, I found myself with 700-plus posts to read.

What 700-plus reader messages feel like...

I struggled through a hundred or so, finding none of them worthy of 'starring' for a closer look later. So I finally said 'the h3ll with it' and clicked the '[Mark all as read]' button.

I am free..!! Gawd, how liberating is that..?!? Sure I might have missed the post of the year by gawd knows who . . .. But I guess the sun will still rise tomorrow and hopefully I will be here to greet it.

What having zero posts to read feels like..!!

Anyway, the few blogs I really need or want to read are already marked here at my blog site so I guess I can live without all the filler/noise. OK ... maybe this once I can.

Hey, I am off to find some more blogs to subscribe to..!!


1 comment:

Unbalanced Reaction said...

Haha...that image quite accurately depicts how I feel most days!

I suppose one of the reasons I've not switched over to Google reader is because I'm not sure I could handle *another* task with which I'm perpetually playing catch-up!