Friday, October 17, 2008

my ebbflux capacitor is discharged...

There is no refinement. There is only process, action, and circumstance.

In response to an offsite question about what the heck the subject of this post was about, an online friend sent me the link to yet another odd 'words' page. As I suggested to him, it is not nice to point me at another shiny online bauble that makes me lose all concentration and purpose in my life.

ebbflux dot com. When you enter the site a random sentence is loaded:
Cupid’s arrow (I’m talking about the reindeer).

One word, or repeated word, will hyperlink to a following page. In the example above 'reindeer' is linked. Following it gives us:
If that was indeed the direction of the corpus. Because I’m pretty sure information is not currently being collected. A throwback from a simpler time. It’s all throwbacks from similar times.

Following a few links produces:
It wasn’t written to anyone’s satisfaction, in particular. Cuidado con los fluidos mi amigo.

I waited between them floating in and out of perception, never sinking in, and never quite seen.

There’s more. It’s okay. I call it a click aesthetic. It comes in sideways and half the time you just swipe your card through the ceiling. Hold on.

OK . . .why..??

Following the 'Notes' link on the page leads to the statement:
ebbflux's "machine text" is an experimental fiction in a hypertext format. Story generation is non-linear but not entirely random. The reader plays an interactive role setting the tone and direction of presentation through their choice of hypertext clickthroughs.

OK.... Some pages do have multiple links, and they do lead to different 'daughter' pages. But it sure as the heck does not make for much of a story.

I suppose the individual sentences/thoughts could be used as writing prompts for writing exercises. But beyond that I am drawing a blank.

Anyway, just another weird thing found on the web. If any of you have a clue about this one ... please do clue me in.

Oh, and one 'pretty' thought I found:
Clarity, like water floating oil globs, dissipates as the soapiness of reality drips in.

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D.B. Echo said...

I just have to wonder if these sites serve as seeds for spam-filter defeating techniques. Strings of semi-random words can fool spam filters that use boolean algorithmic thingamajigs to judge whether a message is spam or not.

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Unbalanced Reaction said...

ebbflux gave me my deep thought (yes, singular) for the day: "Have I mentioned that the invertebrates are coming?"

Wormie said...

you're giving me a headache.