Thursday, November 20, 2008

'No Shave November' is a no-win...


A recent on-line letter to the student newspaper at the university my daughter attends demonstrated to me how to corrupt a worthwhile online idea.

"No Shave November" is an online campaign that has apparently been out there on the intertubes for a while.

There is an Internet outpost at NoShaveNovember dot org but very little is found there. The whole point is to collect pledges for not shaving during November to support a charitable organization.

This year's recipient organization is SaveDarfur dot org. Individuals who participate in 'No Shave' are directed to collect their pledges and send them directly to 'SaveDarfur'.

There are a whole bunch of facebook groups. The few I clicked on all seem be silly college or university peeps having fun. Men not shaving and whining about how bad their beards are. Women celebrating freedom from shaving their legs. Just not a lot of serious social action behind this whole thing. Not a mention of Darfur or SaveDarfur dot org. Which is kinda sad given the real story of what is occurring in Darfur.

Anyway, just a thought on a silly Internet activity that seems like a good idea but has the social value of a beer pong match. I would love for someone to refute my thoughts that no serious charitable fund raising has resulted from the idea of 'No Shave November'.


A look at the ongoing tragedy in Sudan and Darfur by the Big Picture blog.

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JLK said...

All I can say is that if I thought I could have benefited the world by not shaving my legs all this month, I totally woulda collected pledges.

Instead, my laziness is fruitless. Now I just have unshaved legs and can't say, "But I'm doing it for Darfur!"