Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One dumb pink flamingo...


OK, ya know you live in a small town when the escape of a bird from the city zoo makes the hourly news update:

From the Des Moines Register website:
A missing Blank Park Zoo flamingo returned home Tuesday afternoon after leading dozens of searchers on a chase through south Des Moines.

Zoo officials report Tuesday afternoon that someone spotted the flamingo at a golf course near the zoo. Crews moved in on the location and were able to capture the flamingo, after the bird too one final flight over the zoo grounds.

Later in the story a local resident tells of her encounter with the wayward bird:

"There was a pink flamingo standing in my driveway ... It just kind of looked at me and turned its head back and forth."

Now that is one dumb bird. I mean, come on; what is the first thing they teach you in flamingo school: 'If you escape, find a house with a lawn ... and don't move. They will never find you..!! And then later, under the cover of darkness, then you can make your real escape.'

Image source: -just-jen- via flickr dot com

Man, what a dumb bird. And we thought turkeys were dumb.



Mnmom said...

For real!! Dumb bird. It was right in his grasp and he let it go.

I was born in Des Moines!

Silver Fox said...

It's so retro, though. Back then, it was really awful (50's, 60's, whenever); now it's hot or cool, depending on your point of view!