Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here we go again..!!


Oh man. Not already. No way..!!

Last day of November and here comes ol' man winter. Never got the leaves in the back yard raked and bagged. Did not get the timber and brick sidewalk rebuilt. Did not get the lawnmower emptied of gas and have not got the snowblower going yet. Luckily, this first 'real' snowfall is not that much

But still..!! Arrggghhhh..!! Anyone know a real estate agent in Arizona..?!?

These pics are of the snow on our crabapple trees in the front yard. I know I whined earlier this year that these trees were only beautiful "for a day or two".

But I suppose we could say these winter days when they are draped in snow and ice, I suppose we could say they are also beautiful now.

I am ready for spring.



THAT GIRL said...

I love your photos, very festive and cozy! Thanks for commenting on my blog, your note was very kind... and true. I love to vent, moan, groan, and laugh into the endless nothing that is the net... and it brings me great pleasure, and has for over five years.

Happy holidays!

Silver Fox said...

Nice snow photos, though, even if you don't like the snow!